December 13th, 2003

haunted - x__dejection


Computer got struck down by a nasty virus, and was considering deleting everything and starting again, but can't be bothered... so here we are lol.

No longer with Rob... he tried to emotionally blackmail me into not applying for a job at Eurodisney, and while I will always love him, and be incredibly thankful to him for showing me how it feels to be truly loved, I really can't be in another relationship where I'm being emotionally blackmailed into not doing things I feel like I need to do... with Dickhead Den, it was not going to America for study for a year - when he ended up dumping me less than a month before we were both due back at university, after my having caved in to his needs.wants... who knows, had I gone to America it may not have taken me quite so long to get over him! Of course the fact that we lived together after the split couldn't have helped... but a) I was convinced it was a temporary split; and b) I couldn't afford the deposit on somewhere else.

But oh well, such is life - I am not going to spend my time mourning over someone who taught me that I could live without the person that he eventually turned out to be, even if he was drunk at the time.