Katie (xanderharrisfan) wrote,

Bizarre afternoon...

Craig blanked me in Wrexham... :goes to check mobile for apologetic text from the Peter-Kay-stroke-John-O'Shea-look-a-like... nope, none...: then Colette blanked me when she came off the bus down from the nursery - she's on work placement there... then Dave, her droolsome ex who she still flirts like hell with (and no Co-op that was not me calling you a slapper even if everyone else has this week... :giggle:) was actually having a laugh with me - unless he double-bluffed me and was actually taking the mickey out of me :confused: which was kinda nice - not that I was ever interested in either him or the even more dollsome James, whom Colette has also dated, as more than a choice piece of eye candy ;)

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  • Almost forgot... PARIS, BABY!

    I got the damn job ;) (will miss my honey though... *sob*)

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