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Just a quick blog and a LMAO...

In a BBW chat on MSN...

BengaliBoy17 : hi
British_Pagan_Brat : hi
BengaliBoy17 : asl?
BengaliBoy17 : plx
British_Pagan_Brat : on/my/profile
BengaliBoy17 : so do u wanna chat about something interesting?
British_Pagan_Brat : depends what that 'something interesting' is...
BengaliBoy17 : sex?
British_Pagan_Brat : doesn't interest me - I'm celibate
BengaliBoy17 : so u don't wanna chat about sex?
British_Pagan_Brat : er... that would be correct, yes
BengaliBoy17 : so can i ask u some quaestions about sex?
British_Pagan_Brat : umm... that constitutes talking about sex, doesn't it?
BengaliBoy17 : yes
British_Pagan_Brat : and I said I didn't want to talk about sex...
British_Pagan_Brat : so what was the point in asking that question?

He left the chatroom shortly afterwards...

(Ooh, and also found the normal version of Gotta Know Tonight on WinMX - so I now have the full album on my 'puter :smiles:)

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