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Buffy QOTD: The Harvest (1.2)

Cordelia: So anyway, I come outta the bathroom, and she comes running at me. Screaming! With a stick! ’I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill you!’ I swear!
Boy: Who?
Cordelia: Buffy!
Harmony: The new girl?
Boy: What’s her deal?
Cordelia: Well, she’s crazed.
Harmony: Did you hear about her old school?
Cordelia and the boy both shake their heads.
Harmony: Booted.
Cordelia: Well, I exhibit no surprise.
Boy: Why was she kicked out?
Cordelia: Uh, because she’s a psycho loony!
Willow: interrupting No, she’s not.
Cordelia: What?
Willow: turns to them She’s not a psycho. You don’t even know her.
Cordelia: Excuse me? Whogave you permission to exist?
Willow turns away, eyes down.
Cordelia: Do I horn in on your private discussions? No.
Why? Because you’re boring.
Willow gets up and goes to get her printouts.
Harmony: Okay, I think the program’s done.
Cordelia: Finally the nightmare ends! Okay, so how do
we save it?
Willow: Deliver.
Cordelia: Deliver? Where’s that? searches the keyboard Oh!
She hits the ’Del’ key and her program disappears.

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